I believe it is the act of language that makes everything that we are as human beings a possibility. I believe that in its ideal state Poetry is the purest form of that act. As I understand it, my job as editor/publisher is to find, promote, package and distribute poetry that comes as close as possible to the ideal. ~~~~~Ben L. Hiatt, Editor Digital Dawg



This blog is gonna be the next version of "The Big Dog Review" which used mostly poetry to carry the message that if you couldn't run with the big dogs then you maybe just oughta stay on the porch. These days that's where I stay. On the porch and out of the way. But I got to thinking that there wasn't any righteous reason not to use this computer to turn this front porch into a launching pad for poetry. I've recently just finished what will probably be my final project in hard copy from Mt Aukum Press. It was a cute lil 20 page chapbook in Technicolor which I called THE PATCH ON THE ASS OF THE UNIVERSE and beyond that you gotta see it to have any idea what it is because words simply will not carry it around. If they could it would not need to exist. It is wild and brite and sometimes revs up to 220 v. and has already been re-vised, expanded and re-issued as Version 2.0 with each and every copy hand signed and numbered.

Enuf! This thing here is the Digital Dawg by name to acknowledge its roots. It is built on the back of a Blogger engine and it seems to be coming together. Beyond that we'll make up the rules as we go along like we always have. That's what it has always been all about. You don't need ANYONE'S permission to publish something in this country. I contacted Ann Menebroker, Jim Chandler and Taylor Graham (all of whom Mt Aukum Press publishes) and invited them on-board site unseen. Each instantly agreed and here we go. There will be others. They'll find us or we'll find them. That's how it works. In the meantime I'll screen out the Blogger kids and the grown-up bullshit artists who dream of being a poet if they just had the time.

I intend to use this blog to publish a poetry ragazine and I'll be inviting submissions via e-mail to Dawg@mtaukumpress.com. Sumpin' I like comes across my bow, I'll post it up. Reprints are fine with me. All that bullshit about being the first and onliest to publish a poem was fine when we were young but some views change as gravity takes over. However, if you send along something that has appeared previously in hard copy or on the net then let me know so we can show our good manners and give credit to whoever had the good sense to originally launch the work in question.

One other thing:
If you just came stumbling in here please do some reading before you decide to drop a ton of your wonderous verse on my front porch. Knowing how many un-caring, self-serving assholes there are out there who claim to be poets, I'm going to carry over one other thing from the big dawg days and that will be a "worst poem submitted" page, to be activated as needed. Any poem submitted Unsolicited to me via e-mail is eligible. Please keep that in mind before you start sending me your poetry. It only takes a minute to politely query to see if I am interested in reading your stuff. Try it that way. It really works. If I have published you in the past in any venue then you are not eligible for the awards. That would be nepotism.

O.K. Let's Go.

--Ben L. Hiatt, Editor


Ben L. Hiatt

For Phil Weidman, who provided the nudge

When things move
They change

If a man
Sits down
And stays
In one place

He might meet

For the first time.

If he stays there
Long enough
He will exhaust
His memories

Much later
New, strange memories
Will emerge
From the shattered bones
Of the old

At first
He will not recognize them
As his own
Think that, perhaps,
They were left behind
By another

Who stayed awhile
Then moved on
With a lighter load
And took
The words with him

--Ben L. Hiatt,
November 10, 2004