I believe it is the act of language that makes everything that we are as human beings a possibility. I believe that in its ideal state Poetry is the purest form of that act. As I understand it, my job as editor/publisher is to find, promote, package and distribute poetry that comes as close as possible to the ideal. ~~~~~Ben L. Hiatt, Editor Digital Dawg


Phil Weidman


for B.C.

Opal, a nurse’s aide, noticed
Lydia was sleeping fitfully.
Most of the patients in the
convalescent hospital felt
abandoned because they were
rarely visited by family
or friends. A few, like Lydia,
were the last surviving
member of a family. Opal
drew a small bottle of hand
lotion from her blue smock,
folded the sheet back from Lydia’s
feet and began to rub lotion
into each foot. Lydia’s body
relaxed and she uttered
a barely audible moan before
her eyes opened and she
asked, “Are you an angel?”

Phil Weidman